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Starting a business?

Starting a business?

When it comes to setting up in business, it always pays to talk to a professional accountant

Our knowledge and expertise will help you avoid the costly pitfalls when starting up, and we'll continue to save you money in the long term.

Our team can also advise on other aspects such as planning, running, and growing your business.

Trust the start and growth of your new venture to Kerr Accountancy. We are based in Rutherglen (just a 10 minute drive from Glasgow city centre and with lots of free parking) and serve clients across central Scotland.

Our company formation package is only £100 + VAT. To find out more, download our brochure.

We can help your new business with:

End of year accounts are mandatory and are vital in tracking the performance of your business; crucial for any business, but especially a new one. It is essential you get it right, and don't miss the deadlines for submitting your accounts or making payments.

Accounting software

Accounting software is designed to make accounting and reporting easier. We are Xero Silver Champions. There are, however, a variety of cloud-based solutions on the market and we can advise on which one offers the most suitability for your business. We can assist with dashboard setup as well as implementation and training to ensure your business accounting is as efficient as possible.


Bookkeeping is a necessary evil, and due to the very nature of business – it's also a repetitive task which makes it time-consuming too. Outsourcing your bookkeeping means you can get on with the business of doing business.

Business advisory services

Your success is our success. We offer clients guidance on how their businesses can operate in the most efficient capacity, financially and beyond. We're on hand to troubleshoot and provide strategic solutions, and to help with implementing a growth strategy. We'll also keep on top of cash flow, manage business debt, and set metrics for measuring progress.

Cashflow management

One of the most common reasons a business (particularly a new one) fails is not because of an unprofitable concept, or poorly run in terms of the day-to-day, but because of cashflow problems. We can help make sure your money is coming in and out in a sustainable way. We can implement procedures that will better manage the peaks and troughs of business cash flow, organise reserves, and more.

Company registration

Talking to a professional accountant can easily save you significant amounts of cash.

Setting up a new business presents plenty of opportunities to spend unnecessary money and encounter costly pitfalls. Our experience allows us to offer guidance while setting up your business, enabling you to avoid those expensive mistakes which are all-too-easy to make.


Managing the payroll of your business can quickly become frustrating and confusing if you don't fully understand your obligations. Let's face it, you did not get into business for the joy of managing payroll, but as accountants, we did. Outsourcing this assures you have peace of mind that we're meeting all of your responsibilities in this area.

Pension compliance

With the introduction of auto-enrollment it’s not just enough for a business to run payroll - they need to make sure the are compliant with the rules set out by the Pensions Regulator. We can help set up your pension scheme and take care of the weekly/monthly filing requirements.

Property tax

Property tax is a bit of a maze and as a result, you could be paying more tax than is legally necessary. At Kerr Accountancy, we can advise you on issues such as what is capital (and what is not), when to use a limited company to save tax, tax reduction strategies for rental income, classes of repair and whether they are tax-deductible, and much more.


Taxation legislation is a minefield. Not only can you be penalised for not following the letter of the law, but you may be paying more tax than is necessary. Guarantee that you're not paying too much tax and trust this compliance work to us.


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