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Paying for an expert will save you money

Our accounting services aren't limited to registered companies or partnerships – we have a lot to offer sole traders, and company directors too. Situated in Rutherglen, Glasgow, we are able to deliver our services to areas such as Cambuslang, Hamilton and East Kilbride to name but a few.

Sole traders

Granted, sole traders don't have to file accounts with Companies House, but it's still essential that you maintain proper records and accounts, and file a Self Assessment at the end of your tax year.

If you've ever submitted a Self Assessment yourself, you'll know that it's not taxing (pardon the pun) but, yes, it can be time-consuming (and maybe a little bit stressful). After all, you didn't go into business for yourself to get bogged down in profit & loss accounts and financial admin. But are you sure that you are claiming for everything that you should be claiming? Could you be paying too much tax? Could you benefit from the advice of a friendly and approachable accountancy firm?

Outsourcing your year-end compliance work to us could be an opportunity to save more of your hard-earned pounds. And when your business starts to grow, we'll be on hand to help with VAT registration, setting up a company, payroll & pensions for the staff that you'll need to hire, and act as your virtual CFO as your business goes from local to global.


Similar to sole traders, if you are a partner of a business, you are also required to file a Self Assessment for your share of company profits. As well as your statutory requirements to complete a partnership tax return, we can help advise on the structure of the business to maximise any tax advantages.

If you are an existing Kerr Accountancy client, get in touch to see if we can save you even more money on your tax bill.

Company directors

Being a company director brings it’s own set of rules. Whether you need advice on company cars and the associated tax implications, or direction on lending & borrowing money from the company; we are here to help.

If you are an existing Kerr Accountancy client, get in touch to see if we can save you even more money on your tax bill.

We can help you with:

End of year accounts are mandatory and are vital in tracking the performance of your business; crucial for any business, but especially a new one. It is essential you get it right, and don't miss the deadlines for submitting your accounts or making payments.


Bookkeeping is a necessary evil, and due to the very nature of business – it's also a repetitive task which makes it time-consuming too. Outsourcing your bookkeeping means you can get on with the business of doing business.

Company cars

There are different benefits and tax saving opportunities when you own, lease or buy on hire purchase, your company car or fleet vehicles. We will help you run the numbers on all car purchase options considering the tax benefits and NIC charges of each, while taking into account available tax reliefs for energy-efficient, low-emission vehicles.

Company directors' tax

If you are a company director and you are unfamiliar with Self Assessment, it is important to be aware of Income Tax and National insurance thresholds, dividend tax, and the way in which you can pay yourself through a limited company.

Company registration

Talking to a professional accountant can easily save you significant amounts of cash.

Setting up a new business presents plenty of opportunities to spend unnecessary money and encounter costly pitfalls. Our experience allows us to offer guidance while setting up your business, enabling you to avoid those expensive mistakes which are all-too-easy to make.


Benefits in-kind must be reported to HMRC using a P11D form. Examples of such employee benefits include private healthcare, interest free loans, and company cars which are received in addition to their salary. We will consider the National Insurance implications as well as complete and file the return on your behalf.

Self assessment

Self assessment can be time-consuming and confusing for busy individuals and the self employed. We calculate your tax - minimising your tax bill – and complete and submit your return to HMRC on your behalf. We always explain your numbers before filing your return. Our self assessment service provides peace of mind that you’ve met your tax deadline, and frees up your valuable time.


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